In 2020, almost 2 million people were diagnosed with cancer. While cancer treatments are rigorous and painful, yoga has proven to be one of the therapeutic activities and lifestyle changes that can aid patients to heal from the battle they’re fighting during cancer treatments.

Many studies have linked yoga with combatting fatigue and improving a person’s bodily and spiritual strength. Let’s take a look at how yoga benefits patients undergoing extensive cancer-fighting treatments.

Improved Physical Functions

Cancer can severely affect a person’s physical functioning. Patients have sore muscles, and their body becomes incredibly stiff. A gentle exercise like yoga is recommended for patients as it can help their body become a little flexible and help them stay active. Regular yoga can improve physical functioning in not just cancer patients but also cancer survivors.

Reduced Fatigue and Stress

As mentioned before, yoga has been linked with reducing fatigue in those undergoing cancer treatments. According to several studies, cancer patients reported a decrease in fatigue when they started doing yoga, and with increased sessions, the decrease was more significant.

Stress is imminent when a person is fighting a life-threatening disease. It can be emotionally, mentally, and physically torturous and stressful. Yoga can help a person feel less stressed. Cancer patients can benefit from yoga as it can reduce mood disturbance and stress. It can also improve the quality of their life.

Improved Sleep Quality

When stress and physical pain is combined, sleeping can be hard for a person. Yoga helps with insomnia and other sleeping disorders that cancer patients go through. Yoga can improve sleep duration, quality, and efficiency.

Lower Risk of Recurrence

Obesity has been a factor linked with cancer. Yoga helps with decreasing body fat and weight loss. For reducing the risk of cancer coming back after recovery, patients should regularly exercise and do yoga to keep the cancer risk at bay.

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