Cancer, as most people understand it, is not a distinct disease or illness. As the World Health Organization defines it, cancer is a general term for a set of conditions that affect any part of the body. Other popular terminologies for cancer include neoplasms. You must have also heard the term “tumors” for the same.

With an increasing number of cancer patients every year, it’s time more experts take to the digital and social media to share their expertise and preventive measures about cancer as a condition. There needs to be more awareness about cancer with different treatment options so that people don’t give up the hope to lead a normal life after diagnosis. The Doctor Connect is a TV show where we connect with pathologists and medical professionals to better help our audiences with illnesses. 

About Biomarkers

Biomarkers are biological features that can be studied and quantified. They help researchers understand areas like the blood’s composition. Biomarkers are a great way for oncologists to understand gene-related abnormalities in body fluids and the blood.

Biomarker Testing

Biomarker testing is the process of looking for abnormal cells and proteins that might lead to the regeneration of abnormal cells. Cancer is the development of abnormal cells or tumors. These at the initial stages are benign and innocuous but may turn into malignant tumors as they progress or if left unmonitored.

There have been several names attributed to the process. Some other names are:

  • Genomic Profiling
  • Somatic Testing

Advanced cancer research is making great use of this method during precision medicine trials. Precision medicine is specially designed to cater to patients of a specific lifestyle. Biomarker testing helps treat particular features within the human body that might be causing abnormal cell growth and development.

Monitoring Malignant Tumors

A way to use biomarker testing in cancer treatment is to monitor the disease’s progression. This will be assistive in determining if there are chances of malignant and benign tumor development in patients. Biomarker testing can have two different orientations.

You can use the biomarker testing method to test a single quantifiable gene.


You can use it to study and test multiple genomic groups.

In both ways, the testing guarantees a better mechanism to identify discrepancies and abnormalities within cell development. The method would also facilitate a better patient outcome and early prevention since it can be used to study the genes of patients susceptible to developing tumor cells.

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